Upgrading your copier lease

QuestionsCopier technology moves at a fast pace nowadays and you want your business to keep up with the times. What are some things to consider when upgrading your copier lease? Depending on how long you have had the lease on your current machine, many things may have changed significantly in terms of functionality and speed. With all of the many options on the market such as multifunction printers, color copiers, desktop of floor models, let us help guide you through the process of upgrading your copier lease.

How will you know when you should be upgrading your copier lease? If you happen to be at the end of your current copier lease, this would obviously be a good time. If you have been in a lease for several years, chances are your copier has seen a lot of use and upgrading would be a good decision. Maybe you need a copier or printer with more features? Perhaps your business has grown since your lease began however many years ago and you find that the copier you currently have isn’t keeping up with the pace.

Before upgrading your copier lease, you will need to sit down and think through all of the features you currently have on your copier vs. what features you think you will need in the future. This can be a great place to start and can really start to narrow things down for your copier representative.