Why you Need to Secure Your Copier


In today’s digital age it is becoming more and more important to keep your data secure. People are doing more than ever to make sure that their information is protected from the potential threat of hackers. While many people are eager to spend money on their network security, there is still a place that many people are weak—their copiers.

Every copier in offices across the country has a hard drive inside. This hard drive is essential to making your copier work the way it should. One of the main features of this hard drive is to make a copied image of everything that passes through your copier.

That means that there is a swath of information available on the hard drive to anyone who may be able to access it. You may think that there couldn’t be anything that reveling on your hard drive, but depending on the kind of business you run, many vital pieces of information could be vulnerable.

  • Social security numbers
  • Home addresses
  • Credit card information
  • Legal documents
  • Business contacts

Could you afford to lose what’s kept on your hard drive? For many people it’s just not worth it. Xerox offers optional security kits with their products to help ensure that you stay safe. It’s cheaper than network security and can help keep you safe.

Call Copier Phoenix today to make sure that you are set up with the best solutions to keep your copier protected.