Benefits of a Leasing Company

It is no secret that office copiers and printers can be big investments. They are expensive, but necessary parts of the office environment. The expense will sometimes lead people to try and find ways around working with a copier leasing company to save money. However, there are a lot of benefits of a leasing company that you truly won’t be able to get if you try and go around them.

When you work with something as integral as a copier or printer, you don’t want to go with the cheap stuff. Sometimes people will try and skip the leasing company and instead buy something from a big box store. These machines are of a much lower quality and you will not have any support.

We have all experienced a breakdown or a paper jam. They are extremely frustrating and can cause business operations to slow to a crawl. These problems will become much more frequent with a cheap machine. A copier leasing company will be able to send out a technician or help you troubleshoot your problem; without a leasing company you will be frustrated and alone to solve the problem.

You will also end up spending much more on consumables, like paper and toner. You can’t get good deals when buying through box stores. They thrive off the business owner who has no plan and is always playing catch up on their consumables. With a leasing company on your side you can get the best prices, consistently.

There are a number of benefits that come with working with a leasing company. Just having someone on your side when things go bad can be unbelievably beneficial. Give us a call at Copier Phoenix to see the benefits our leasing company can do for you.