Save with Managed Print Services

So, you have a copier in your office that you love for a price that fits your needs. You may think that the time to worry about your copier has passed, but that’s not the case. Copiers have a bunch of costs that go beyond just your lease price. It can be difficult to keep track of everything that happens with your copier, which is why you can save money with managed print services.

Managed print services providers will become the eyes and ears behind everything that’s going on with your copier. You may not realize just how many areas there are that can save you money. If copiers are being abused then you can start to find little areas of waste all over the place. Cutting down on these small areas can really add up over the years.

A good managed print services company will be monitoring many different parts of your copier.

  • How much consumables are being used?
  • How much color toner is being used versus monochrome
  • Is there any department or person who is abusing resources?
  • Notice trends of waste that can be decreased
  • Help you transfer some files to paperless versions
  • Help you figure out the best deals on products you need

Managed print services providers can be a critical part of the money saving process. They will be able to track far more than you would be able to do on your own. Their entire job will be to focus on what’s happening with your copier so you can focus on the work that matters most to you.

Saving money on your copier doesn’t have to be rocket science. Anyone can save as long as they take the proper steps to ensure you are doing your part to save. Working with a managed print services provider will help you save money without the hassle of worrying about your machine all the time. Call Phoenix Copier today to get help with finding a great managed print services company.