Xerox Versalink Color Multifunction Printer

When it is time to think about getting a new copier or printer for your business it is important to think about what your really want. There is no point in buying an expensive machine if all you need is a simple solution. That’s why Xerox has made the Xerox Versalink Color Multifunction Printer to satisfy all of your printing needs without all the bells-and-whistles.

The Xerox Versalink Color Multifunction Printer is a value-packed device that is made small to deliver powerfully at the heart of your business. Its design  is built to deliver exactly what your business needs without the huge payment or the unnecessary features. It provides you with exactly what you need to get through your work day.

This is the perfect office solutions for smaller workgroups who need a mighty solution. It is designed for workgroups between 2-10 people and is compact in size for those smaller work spaces. It’s versatility allows you to accomplish a number of jobs seamlessly and is flexible in its usage.The Versalink’s revolutionary delivers productivity like never before by offering next generation features. This future proof device is made to ensure that it can provide for you for years to come.

You can also get to work quickly, without the need for expensive setup. The Xerox Versalink Color Multifunction Printer comes with IT-free installation wizards and step by step configuration options to help you set up your machine exactly as you want it.

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