Why 60 Month Copier Leases are Normal

One of the most important things to decide when getting a new copier lease is how long you want it to be. There are numerous options offered by a variety of copier leasing companies, but there is one copier lease length that is the most common. The 60-month copier lease is by far the most normal copier lease length, but it’s not necessarily right for everyone.

Every copier lease is different and you are going to want to make sure that your choice is right for you.

  • 60-month copier leases. These can also be called long-term leases. These are the most common for a number of reasons, wirth the most obvious being cost. A lease is cheaper per month if you have the office machine for a longer span of time. This is the biggest draw to most people. Long-term contracts also allow you to not have to worry about getting another lease too soon, which is great for most people that hate this process.
  • Short-term Leases. These leases are usually about 24-36 months in length. These are going to have a much higher per-month cost than a 60-month lease. However, some businesses really like this model so that they are able to upgrade more fequently. This is a good opotion for businesses that need the most powerful office solutions in-house.

Getting a good copier lease is about finding what works for you. The 60-month copier lease is the most normal but it’s about finding what’s right for you. Come see our staff at Copier Phoenix if you need help finding what is going to work best for you.