Get the Most from your Copier Lease

We all know that copier leases can be an expensive monthly payment. However, it’s hard to get around having a successful business without access to a working office copier. This makes it so that many people have to copier leases, most people do not take full advantage of them. Getting the most from your copier lease isn’t hard as long as you know what you are entitled to.

Your copier leasing company is there to help you. This is especially true when working with our team at _________. Your lease may already have provisions that allow you to get more help than you realize is available to you.

  • Continued maintenance. Many contracts have some sort of maintenance agreement that lets you have a technicians regularly check on your machine. This is a great way to make sure that your copier is always in working condition
  • Consumables Contracts. Working with a leasing company can help you get nice discounts on the consumable that you use the most. Talk with your leasing company to start a contract to save on things like paper and toner.
  • Managed Print services. This is a great way to keep track of everything that goes on with your office copier. You can monitor all activity and find areas to save money.
  • Upgrades. Many office copiers have the ability to upgrade, depending on the upgrade you are looking for. Talk with your leasing company to learn more about what upgrades might be available to for your machine.

Look through your lease and see what you are entitled to. You may be paying for more benefits than you thought.