Understanding Warm-up Time

Choosing a new office copier can be an overwhelming experience. There can be a lot to understand, and that’s why people can end up making choices that they are unhappy with. They may not even understand why they are frustrated, or know that they could get something that would be more beneficial. One commonly overlooked factor is not thinking closely enough about warm-up time on your office machine.

Warm-up time is the time it takes for your machine to go from being completely off, to being able to produce the first print. Many people ignore warm-up time because they consider that print speed is the most important thing to them. The machine only has to warm-up once, while you are printing all day, right?

Well, the above can often be true for large operations, but it’s not always the case with small businesses. When it comes to a family business, or small office warm-up time can play a much bigger part. If you only have a few small jobs to do every day then warm-up time is actually going to be very important.

You aren’t going to need something that can whip printed pages out at lightning speed if you are only printing 10 to 20 pages. However, you are going to want your machine to be ready as soon as you need it.

Remember to consider warm-up time when looking for a new copier. Talk with our representatives at Copier Phoenix to learn about how copier warm-up time could affect the productivity of your business today.