New or Used Copier?

In the past, used copiers almost always cost less than a newer machine, but that is not always the case nowadays with the more expensive supplies. You should always check in advance. Some copiers will only make sense if you have a low volume. If you do not need stapling or 11 x 17, then a new commercial-grade copier could be less expensive. If you have a later model copier that has been refurbished, it can make sense with a higher print volume.

In addition, extra features like stapling and hole punching will be cheaper with a used copier. If you bought these features new, you can expect to pay extra. When it comes to reliability with a used copier, always make sure that you have a good service agreement. You can buy this as part of the lease, or you can put this in a separate portion of the agreement.

Try to buy from a local company if possible. The biggest risk associated with buying a used copier out of the city is that the local dealers may not cooperate, or they will want to charge for maintenance agreements, which means that it costs a lot more. If that is the case, you did not save much buying used from someone outside the state.

A used copier is better if you want a better copier, but you don’t have a lot of extra funds to buy a brand new one up front. With any copier purchase, make sure to ask questions so that you get what you need in your copier. Call us to day at Phoenix Copier and we can help you buy or lease a copier, whichever fits your budget needs.