2020 Brings Big Changes for Educators

Like most aspects of our lives in the “New Normal” of 2020, education has changed tremendously since the 2019 school year. Since the start of 2020-2021 school year, educators have had to adapt very quickly to the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about. Schools are now responsible for keeping their students, parents and themselves safe while also delivering a strong education to their students whether it’s through remote learning, hybrid models or however a school is now functioning, this year has challenged educators to adapt to a new set of guidelines.

What hasn’t changed? The use of documents to assist with teaching. From diagrams and illustrations to forms and worksheets, teachers rely on printouts to help educate their students. Now more than ever are digital documents becoming a popular way for teachers to help students understand new concepts. However, even with schools trending towards remote or hybrid learning models, teachers will still be using scanners and printers.

Xerox scanners and printers work to help not just teachers but also students and parents with their schooling needs. The Xerox malfunction features can help with communication between students, parents and teachers through the scan to email or fax option to send documents to teachers and schools.

Tips for parents: If you are using a Xerox device at work to communicate with your child’s school, please make sure that you have authorization from your supervisor or employer as Xerox does not encourage or endorse unauthorized use of workplace products.


Connect for Blackboard is a Xerox app that connects to Blackboard Learn which is a learning management system for higher education. Blackboard Learn offers a space for teachers and students to collaborate, store documents, and upload documents. The app allows users to scan a hard copy of material right at the multi function printer for easy uploading.

Connect for Moodle

The Xerox Connect App for Moodle does require a Moodle account but the app allows users to digitize hard copy materials.

Template Library

Visit the template library to find a variety of free templates. From printable motivational posters, signs and even student achievement certificates to calendars, flyers and planners, these templates provide teachers with resources to assist with their classroom activities.

Copying these templates or worksheets on your Xerox multi-function device can help teachers by making their job easier and more efficient. Using the features of your Xerox equipment, print work books, pamphlets, or any other educational activity to help with the day to day operations of the classroom.

Xerox App Gallery

Educators can also take advantage of the Xerox App Gallery which is a collection of downloadable apps for capable Xerox ConnectKey printers and Multi function printers. It is also compatible with VersaLink and AltaLink series printers. These apps help to simplify complicated or time-consuming process and can expand your printer’s capabilities.

Xerox also offers some of the popular and widely known apps from Microsoft to Google Drive and many others. There is also a section of education apps which are available in the gallery.

Xerox Proofreader

The Xerox Proofreader Service provides its users access to spelling, grammar, plagiarism and style tools from the multi function printer.

Quick note: This application is only available for English language


Use the Xerox Remark Test Grading application to connect to Gravic’s cloud-based test grading feature. Teachers can use this application to print tests for students, scan in answer sheets and even generate results.

The Book2Go App

This application gives scanning access to devices to places such as libraries, colleges and universities without needing to be part of the local network.

Interested? Try it out for 30 jobs to see how the Book2Go app can help your students and classroom activities. After the trial, a purchase will be required to keep using the application.

The Xerox apps all come with a trial so that you can test them out before purchasing and most are available in a variety of languages. See the application descriptions for a complete list of compatible languages. Support for these apps can be found in the individual app pages in the application gallery.

Xerox wants to help maximize the use of their equipment in order to help its users get the most out of their devices. Check out our other applications to see how they can further automate and improve your processes.

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