The Xerox ID Checker App

If you are looking to protect your online identity, prevent theft or fraud, the Xerox ID Checker app is your amswer. ID fraud is at an all-time high. This is because more people have been spending time on the internet due to global lockdowns. 

This situation has spilled into the business world, too, the most affected industries being the hospitality and retail sectors. The Xerox ID Checker app can help you avoid becoming a victim of such incidents. It can check all your transactions online and keep them secure.

It is equipped with anti-fraud technologies. Whether for digital-to-digital or paper-to-digital processes, when most documents are submitted online. This program is made to assist you and protect your identity online.

With this app, you can access the cloud as a gallery. All your documents will be saved here, and you can access them using the internet. You can access this gallery from anywhere online. Walk-up users can access this gallery using Xerox AltaLink and Xerox VersaLink multifunction devices.

This app supports critical verification of identity in different non-regulated environments, including tourism, hospitality, and retail. The best part is that this application comes at a very competitive price. You will not see these features in any other similar apps.

This app can help you issue refunds and can benefit your business by providing the customers with loyalty subscriptions and various other customer onboarding processes.