Xerox – User Analytics Service

Xerox printers assess and analyze document flows in and outside your work environment. You can look at these analyzations and see where and how your data is being used. 

This valuable service can help you set various data security policies for your organization. These devices and their security features allow you to improve sustainability information security. Welcome to the digital world of Xerox!

Unlocking your valuable printer data

With the User Analytics Service by Xerox, you can extract valuable user data from the printers and turn the information into actionable insights for your organization. You can unlock information in your print management system. This allows you to understand the user-print behaviors within your work environment. You can know what, how, and when printer users are printing. You can also improve your overall security and modify behaviors. 

Get more out of your data

The technology keeps your data safe in various ways. It can remove personal information such as user names from the documents before uploading the files to the secure cloud. 

After that, the data is encrypted and transmitted through banking-level security encryptions (HTTPS-based). You will have plenty of confidence in knowing how to manage data and develop various configurations and policies for use. Plus, you can identify any printing peaks through the day and see what users are doing with resources. You can also check print jobs occurring outside the working hours and develop policies. 

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